Without a doubt, we all live in a world that has changed in a way we never knew existed. Not only that but we have to find a way to cope with those challenging times for all, simply because we have been faced with an invisible threat that affects all of us and all of our children. During those critical times, some went being completely paranoid and some just didn’t care at all, they simply lived life day by day. However, I believe that we are just beginning to learn how to live in such a challenging environment and so I decided to write this blog to assist all people with simple tips on how to go in our everyday life:

1. Of course, face masks are essential. By now I think all should be completely aware of that even though we might not like them at all.

2.Gloves, definitely not my favorite. I find gloves quite annoying but they may be quite useful during shopping. I find these to be useful for a short period as especially summer approaching gloves make your hands warm and wet. Not a pleasant experience at all not to mention the fact that water creates an environment to spread viruses and bacteria. Exactly for that matter, I found something that I believe can be quite useful especially if you don’t have any hand sanitizer or gloves around.

3. UV flashlight- easy to carry all around, all you have to add it to your keys and you are all set. But why UV flashlight you may wonder? How many times do you forget to bring hand sanitizer or gloves with you? Having one of these is an essential back up option to have in my opinion. Not only that but it can also be used in so many different ways in our lives, for instance, if you happen to work in an office environment and have to share a laptop or a Personal Computer that is being used by someone else as well. Going over your keyboard with UV light can make everyone’s life a breeze. I think that this technology can be used in an array of environmental options. Since there are different sizes to choose from we can easily use the larger and longer options as a way to create disinfecting hubs for our clothes especially during international travels like airports or rail transit or buses even as a preventive measure in hospitals. We go through security checkpoints anyways. Would it be 100% preventive? That depends on how strict the measures are implemented of course. Nevertheless, I believe this can be applied in our household and we can use this as a way of sanitizing kids rooms, toys, cell phones, etc. Pretty much anything that is not designed to be washed. This could be a simple way to keep a sterile environment for ourselves and family members.

These are just outside preventive measures but there are internal ways to keep ourselves in good shape to fight off this viral pandemic. Keeping a strong immune system, of course, is by far the best defense we can have and there are a number of ways to do it:

-Regular exercise

-Switching to a vegetarian diet full of healthy vegetables and fruits

-Drinking Hot Tea

Hydrogen water- there are a number of Hydrogen water machines that change the PH levels in the water and thus creating a water that is beneficial for us and also have some healing effects. Everyone can do their own research on the benefits of Hydrogen water. I have personally seen a significant change in energy levels since it boosts your entire system.


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