Hyderabad: Residents of SVSS Sankalp, Lower Tank Bund won the Covid-19 battle by forming a Covid taskforce, practicing yoga and teamwork. Giving empathy utmost priority, members of the housing society collected Rs 4.3 lakh and distributed 600 packets of food during the entire lockdown.
“The food was distributed with the help of police. Residents donated essentials to the needy as well,” said Dr Sanjeev Singh Yadav, Indian Medical Association (IMA) Telangana secretary and a resident of SVSS Sankalp.
To restrict public movement, the community halls in their housing society were converted into homes for staffers working in their society. Essentials for staffers were distributed by residents. “Volunteers would keep a check on health of senior citizens and ensure they do not face any trouble. Sanitising the society twice a weekend and ensuring social distancing were among the many healthy practices adopted,” said Chandu Rao, a resident of the society.
Members of the society ensured children do not play together and walkers/ joggers wore a mask. The Covid-19 task force, consisting of five members, ensured every person entering the society sanitises their hand. Sharat Kumar, a part of the task force, said that they ensured vegetables and essentials are available within the society. “Trucks stocked with vegetables and essentials were roped in so that people don’t step out,” said Kumar.

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