Growing age brings diseases with you. The body is like a machine. If you keep your lifestyle healthy at a young age, then diseases will not be able to take your body into a grip. Therefore, yoga is necessary to keep the body strong. If you have a nature to exercise since childhood and get good sleep then a person can live for 100 years and that too without any disease. The mantra of staying young is hidden in yoga. According to Swami Ramdev, everyone should do at least one hour of yoga daily. All diseases will be kept away from them. Swami Ramdev describes yoga as an old age exorcist and says that if someone does asanas and pranayam for one hour every day, he will always be young.

Know some yogasanas to keep yourself fit here:

Benefits of shirshasana

Relieves stress and anxiety

Blood circulates rapidly in the brain
Concentration increases
Relieves body aches


Increases energy flow in brain
Prevent aging
Body balance is fine

Benefits of doing Tadasana

Beneficial in increasing height.
Help you lose weight.
Beneficial in knee and back pain.
Make legs, thighs, knees strong.
Get rid of constipation problem.
Get rid of respiratory disease.
Correct the flat leg.
Reduce your chances of having a slip disk.
Reduce body fatigue and get excited.
Mental balance develops
Relieves body pain

Benefits of Vrikshasana:

Vriksasana is excellent for balance and firmness in body parts.
The practice of this yoga develops stability and strengthening of the feet.
Stress is removed.
Legs are low in fat
The balance of the body is better and the mind remains calm.
This asana brings flexibility to the legs and ankles.

Apart from these, do these asanas every day

Ardh Chakrasana

Surya Namaskar for 5 minutes can help in:

Increasing energy level
Increases immunity
Digestive system is better
Body gets flexibility
Memory is strong
Effective for weight gain
Detoxes the body
Skin glows
Stress relieves
Benefits of headstand
Stress and anxiety go away
Gives confidence, patience and fearlessness

Benefits of Sookshma Vyayam:

Keeps the body active
Many types of pain relief
Energy will flow
Body stays active all-day



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