Even in my field, I catch a lot of flak from my colleagues because I take a mix of science and experience to facilitate change. I can see the benefit of having more people who are willing to listen to experts but also hope to have room to speak on “case dependent” situations. — M.P., Aberdeen, Maryland

Dear M.P.: I hope that other readers share your view of my position concerning the politicization of facts, evidence and science in these times of division, duplicity and disinformation. We must all examine the truths we live by, as well as our own motives, before we criticize others.

In my case, my motive is not to make money or sell anything but to promote the concept of One Health and justice based on what I call trans-species democracy: respect for all life. Politics and economics that are contrary to these principles and cause harm to the environment — and ultimately to ourselves and other living beings — must be confronted and changed.

The cultural and socioeconomic crises in the U.S. and many other countries, catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, are collisions of truths. Profits can no longer be put before public health, environmental justice and animal protection, nor can personal “freedom” (such as the right not to wear protective masks) take precedent over personal responsibility. (For details, see my book “Bringing Life to Ethics: Global Bioethics for a Humane Society.”)

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