Alo Yoga, a California-based activewear brand, is stretching into the beauty and wellness space with The Alo Glow System, a range of self-care products that deliver skin-boosting benefits from head to toe.

The brand’s first beauty offering is billed as a clean skin care line featuring amla, a superberry traditionally used in Indian ayurvedic healing, unlocking its power through cutting-edge beauty science. The amla berry is a throughline through the entire Glow System, which is composed of seven products delivering a comprehensive skincare regimen. 

Alo Yoga has been expanding as a lifestyle brand offering apparel, accessories, and online streaming platform Alo Moves. During COVID-19, when at-home wellness and activewear sales have skyrocketed, Alo has accelerated its digital sales by more than 4x, experienced a 7x uptick in streaming subscriptions of Alo Moves, and is on track to more than double its business for 2020, according to the company, which is headed by Co-CEOs and Co-Founders Danny Harris and 

The products in the new skin care line include Enzyme Facial Cleanser, Radiance Serum, Luminizing Facial Moisturizer, Mega-C Body Wash, Superfruit Body Lotion, Magnesium Reset Spray and Head-to-Toe Glow Oil.

Alo Yoga will expand into wellness, too, with a rapid-absorb gel ingestible stacking system that will debut in January.

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