Yoga equals love, apparently (Picture: Getty)

Thinking of giving up on Tinder and cursing all dating apps?

Struggling to find a reasonable Tinder date and wondering whether your profile is up to scratch?

Well, your choice of sport may be the answer to your dating woes.

New research has revealed that men who do yoga are most likely to get matches on Tinder, while female cyclists are considered most ‘match worthy’ by men. 

The study – commissioned by online retailer – was conducted via Tinder, where male and female dating profiles were created for six different sports. These included running, cycling, yoga, weightlifting, climbing and hiking.

One male and one female model were photographed taking part in each sport, dressed in the appropriate kit for the activity. The number of matches gained from 200 swipes were then collated to determine which sports were considered most enticing.

The study revealed female cyclists are most popular on Tinder, with 58% of people swiping right. The sport amassed a whopping 116 matches from 200 swipes on the dating app. The second most attractive sport for women was running, with 114 matches gained per 200 swipes, while hiking was considered least ‘match-worthy’. 

The ‘warrior pose’ in yoga proved to be a hit with 25 matches per 200 swipes for men. Weightlifting came a close second, while cycling was third. Once again, hiking proved to be the least attractive sport to possible love interests.

It was observed that the female model used in the study gained many more Tinder matches overall when compared to the male counterpart.

Dan Cartner, senior marketing and e-commerce manager at, said of the study: ‘Due to the increase in dating app activity over the lockdown period, we were curious to discover which sportspeople were most likely to get swiped right on Tinder.’

‘We were pleasantly surprised to see yoga rank so highly for men on the app and glad to see cycling and climbing are popular amongst both genders. Although this study is a bit of fun, the most important thing when it comes to sport is enjoying yourself, so whatever it is that gets you moving, stick to it. Because it’s no fun standing still.’

So now you know the key; dust off the bike and lay down the yoga mat to guarantee Tinder success.

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