Waking up early to do sunrise yoga is a great way to start the day. It can be a pain to wake up so early, but it gives you a jump start on your day. Sunrise yoga is very peaceful and allows for those who practice it to be in touch with themselves while being in a serene environment.


It may seem like such a drag to get out of bed early in the morning, but after waking up early often, it becomes a habit. Sunrise yoga can be conducted indoors or outdoors; it just comes down to your own personal preference.


If you have never tried yoga before and are looking to get a feel for what yoga is, visit NSU’s RecPlex. The most important factor is being in an environment that puts you in a good head space, especially since yoga is not only physically beneficial, but mentally beneficial as well.


If you have prior experience and knowledge of yoga, then give sunrise yoga a try. Find a place that brings you comfort and lay out your mat. Watching the sun rise while creating a connection between your mind and body can reduce stress and anxiety. Therefore, you will release that negative energy if you woke up feeling a bit tense.


Sunrise yoga can set the tone for your day. It is the first thing you do in the morning and will have a lingering effect throughout your day. This can make for a more productive day. There will be more time for goals to be created and achieved since you will be awake and energized. Creating this early morning routine can better one’s mental health and help create a steadier sleep schedule. 


Yoga is like a big morning stretch and can increase flexibility, strength and balance without using any weights.


As time goes on, your body will become used to waking up early and then will proceed to have a boost of energy from yoga, which will then make getting out of bed much easier. As a college student, life can get hectic, which is why it is a good thing yoga exists. After your morning yoga session, you may notice that you are calmer and more relaxed throughout your day.


Taking this time to complete a yoga workout is worthwhile and is making time for yourself. Achieving a task in the morning can increase confidence and a sense of self-worth.


As Aristotle said, “Through discipline comes freedom.”


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