LIMA — Vino Bellissimo in Lima has hosted some unique events throughout its existence.

Last year it had belly dancing classes that were taught there. If that’s not your thing, what about yoga with Alicia Odenweller?

“I think what it comes down to is there are so many people in this community who have different gifts and talents to share. Yoga is one of them, said Carissa Reinicke, co-owner of Vino Bellissimo. “Alicia does a really fantastic job with her yoga. What we try to do is provide a space to put people who have things they want to share in touch with people who want to enjoy those things. So maybe it’s yoga, it’s been belly dancing. We’ve done poetry readings, we’ve done writing workshops, tarot readings, pretty much anything is possible,”

The group meets on Sundays once a month from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

The arrangement has been a good one for Odenweller, a certified yoga teacher.

“I’ve been teaching here at Vino Bellissimo since January of 2020,” Odenweller said.

For $15 you could take in the one hour class and, at the end, enjoy a glass of fine wine.

“Yes, we earn that wine,” Odenweller said.

Teaching yoga in a different space has its benefits.

“I feel like it brings a different quality and environment to it — a little more social environment to come with friends or meet others within the yoga community to find rest and relaxation through yoga and also a common activity of sipping on some wine,” Odenweller said.

There’s demand for some stress relief since many people have had their social lives disturbed since the pandemic hit last spring. Yoga and a glass of wine can help a bit.

“I 100% encourage any type of movement within this pandemic. It’s very chaotic within the world and within yoga, you can come to your safe space and kind of bring everything inward and check in with yourself and explore and find that inner peace and within yourself,” Odenweller said.

“Yoga is both physical and then also mental. I stress the mental piece of it, uniting your breath within your body to allow movement. You find the flexibility, the stretching, and then you also find that clarity of what your body is asking for — listening to your body and uniting it all together as one.”

On Sunday, Vino Bellissimo hosted a yoga class. Particiapnts earned a glass of wine after it’s over.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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